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Home pageIt has now been just over one week since I received your course. My results during this time period using the techniques in the manual have been simply outstanding. I have spent an average of 2 hours per day going through the exercises as presented (I am now just finishing up chapter 15), and my fluency has been unprecedented.

I can still feel word blocks sliding in sometimes, depending on the speaking situation that I am in, and I have stuttered mildly during these occasions, but as you know, since I am the world’s foremost authority on my own stuttering, I know that I am on a level of fluency which I have never experienced before in my life.

And. quite frankly, I believe that I owe it all to you and the home therapy course that you created.

I think that the speed of my progress though, may be linked to some speech therapy I did with a SLP over a year ago. The SLP had a similar theory that the solution to resolving stuttering in PWS was to eventually create a new fluent speech pathway in the brain. This program also utilized some of your methods such as prolongation of sounds, highlighting the construction of words as various combinations of vowels and consonants, repetition (frequency) and easy onset.

I attended ten, one hour sessions @ $75.00/session. I never stuttered in session, but of course outside in the real world it was business as usual. My lack of progress was discouraging and unfortunately, (in hindsight fortunately) my pockets were not deep enough to keep on going.

I think the key ingredient that was missing then was the Intensity component.

By combining the intensity technique, I think I have reinforced all the positive things that I practiced over a year ago, and the sum total of my efforts to improve my stuttering in the past has enhanced the overall power and effectiveness of your course.

Regardless, I am overjoyed by my improvement.

I am totally motivated to complete the course and continue on with the maintenance phase as well. I know that consistent, effortless fluency is within my grasp and I shall not falter in my pursuit. I can only go by my own experience but if other PWS can get the same results as I have, then the future of PWS who take your course will be limitless.

I cannot thank you enough Richard. May God bless you.

Yours sincerely,

I just want to let you know that your concepts are starting to produce fluency. Your program is almost identical to that of Dr. Robert Plummer in Tempe Arizona. He helped my for six months and I showed great improvement. He would have me to lay down on a comfortable table in his office and start doing deep breathing exercises. I would inhale and let out the ahhhhhh sound. The purpose was to build up my diaphragm muscle so I would not run out of air.

He died 7 months after my therapy with him. At that time (1963) I could read anything out loud if I went slow and blended my vowel sounds in a monotone voice. I stopped using his ideas because no other therapist was using his technique. He told me there were two speech centers and I needed to overtrain one of them so the other one would not interfere. I have used your exercises and added a twist of my own. I have wanted to speak Spanish for many years. I get bored with the simple exercises from day to day. Since I last talked with you I am able to speak Spanish with a sweetheart who lives outside the U.S. I also use the DAF device some of the time. I know I am at least 70% improved with your technique. I have the notes I took when ever I saw Dr. Plummer. He was an advanced thinker and was the department head of the speech clinic at Arizona State University.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your help. If I can help you promote your ideas let me know. I have lost most of my fear of public speaking.


I received your book on neuropatterning and began the sessions on July 1, 1998. It is remarkable but it does greatly improve my speech. I am on session #15 and working on completing the course.

I believe you are right that the maintenance part of the course is probably more important. I will continue with that part of the therapy also.

My self-appointed job is to market and sell over the telephone. Even though I stutter severely at times, I continued to make calls to strangers. Every day was terrible misery for me. I really did not make the number of calls I should have been doing.

Recently, I got the instrumentation together to make a delayed auditory feedback into one ear while I use the telephone. It helped but I still had some major blocks. I got your course and after a couple of days of neuropatterning, my stuttering on the telephone with the delayed auditory feedback virtually ceased.

I was thinking at the time that maybe the use of this device would hurt neuropatterning therapy. That does not appear to be the case. My speech without the delayed auditory feedback device is still improving greatly.

I liked where you wrote in the book the therapy works, even if you don’t believe it will. That got to me. I thought this man is supremely confident about what he has written.

I will keep you informed of my progress. When you have a moment, could you please e-mail me your web site address for neuropatterning therapy. I ran into a another stutterer yesterday and told him about you and your book. All I could come up with on the spot was your e-mail address. Your web site is what convinced me to send for the book.


I am writing to you so that I can thank you for your program. It is truly incredible. I have been doing my patterning sessions for 4.5 weeks and the results that I have noticed by New Years are great. My fluency level has improved 100%. I am able to say words that I have always avoided. I can even call my friend and ask for her without blocking on her name (Her name has always been very difficult for me to say).

The funny thing is, before this program I didn’t realize how severe my stutter was. I didn’t realize how many words I avoided, thus I was not able to say exactly what I wanted to. Now I can. I do have better days. Yesterday, I had a terrific day, and a very talkative one. Today wasn’t that strong, which also has a lot to do with my confidence. I have to start building my confidence when speaking in certain situations, and this is easier when I can feel my fluency, even before I speak. I am not saying that my stutter is totally gone, but the difference is huge.

Today, instead of masking my speech, I have the chance to better myself and my fluency everyday. Every time I speak, I am thinking of the progress I have made and more that I will make. That is what I like the most about your course, you are never finished, and it seems like everyday is better. I am going to the university in the fall, and I can’t imagine starting it without worrying about speaking in front of people, or on the phone.

To tell you the truth, I am very surprised in how fast it has worked. It is honestly like a miracle. The only thing that I have to build now is my confidence, and start my Maintenance sessions. I do not know how to thank you.


NOTE: Following is an update from N.B. in Canada:

I am writting to you to express my deepest thanks for the new life that you have given me. Today I am a new person. Less than three months ago I was considered a stutterer, at home, at school, and everywhere else. During the last year I think that I had gotten used to being a stutterer. I had gotten used to the fact that I, for the rest of my life, would be unable to speak in certain situations. Today, though I know that you don’t like your program to be called a cure, I DO consider myself cured. 99% of the time I am greatly fluent, and the other 1% is a momentary lapse (or a reminder of a stutter) that goes away with a calm breath. I really have nothing else to say except thank you from the bottom of my heart (I say this in tears). I am now 18, and I have re-thought my life. This may sound silly but I was always scared of my wedding day because I would have to say my vows out loud, I am not scared any more (though I am no where near getting married.) I do have a boyfriend now, that I met at a local hang out, I APPROACHED HIM AND STARTED A CONVERSATION!! I loved every minute of it.

I love talking, and all my friends love to listen.

I thank you. And I hope that your work is getting out to many individuals all across the world.